When in Cardiff... learn some Welsh

S’mae (or shwmae as they say in South Wales) is how Welsh people greet each other. What do they say when they raise a glass to each other?

What’s “Thank you” in Welsh? If you visit the Welsh Assembly, the receptionist will say “Bore da” – what does that mean?

Would you like to impress your friends by being able to say the longest place name in the United Kingdom –


Well, now’s your chance to find out how to pronounce all those “strange” place names starting with “ll”. As a conference fringe event Welsh translator & interpreter Nerys Hurford and “born-again” Welshman Terence Lewis will be presenting an entertaining Welsh language taster. Nerys will take you through the key pronunciation challenges. You’ll learn how a basic Welsh sentence is structured. Most importantly, you’ll be taught how to ask for a pint and how to count your change (at least up to 10!).

There are some great online courses and apps for Welsh language beginners. Even if you haven’t got a drop of Welsh blood in you, you can still join the growing number of people around the world who are deriving a great sense of fulfilment from the study of a language that was already being spoken when the Romans invaded the country in 70 AD. Nerys and Terence will be happy to point you in the right direction. Welwn ni chi yna (see you there)!

This event will take place on Saturday morning.To book, simply go back to the booking site with your booking reference and tick the box.