Techie Translators Corner

What do Emma Goldsmith, Jon Olds and Terence Lewis have in common?  They are ITI members who have made acquiring a practical knowledge of language technology a key plank in their professional development.  Emma has helped countless translators through her much-loved blog “Signs & Symptoms of Translation” and her generous advice in translators’ forums,  Jon has built-in statistical machine translation engines and plug-ins and written about language technology in the ITI Bulletin and Terence first spoke about Machine Translation at the ITI Conference in 1994. All three are what you would call “techie translators”.

At this year’s conference Emma, John and Terence will be hanging out with their laptops in the “Techie Translators Corner”. Emma will also be bringing a couple of keyboards. If there’s something techie you want to ask about or if you’d simply like to test drive an ergonomic or mechanical keyboard, grab a coffee and head on over – the corner will be open during the breaks!  All three have experience with the two major translation memory programs, Jon & Emma know about the Slate Desktop, and Jon & Terence have recently taken an interest in Neural Network Machine Translation.  But then you might have a question about MS-Word, OpenOffice or translation packages that will run on Linux.  No question’s too trivial for our “techie translators”!