Dru Yoga with Corinne

Friday 19 May, 17.15 – 18.00

Conference hotel (room to be confirmed)

Join a taster class of Dru yoga, a gentle but powerful form of yoga based on flowing movements synchronised with the breath which works on the various layers of the body and mind to calm, refresh and nurture.

For this short class aimed at all abilities and levels, mats will not be required, nor any specific equipment or clothing (other than anything reasonably comfortable) as minimal sweating should take place! Feel free to bring a small bottle of water and be prepared to gently loosen the joints and muscles, and efficiently but pleasantly refresh y our body and mind before your evening activities. Namaste!

Your instructor: Corinne Durand is a freelance translator working from English to French, MITI since 2011. In recent yeaers, she decided to take her love of yoga to a new level, and completed a 2-year training course to become a fully qualified yoga teacher. Yoga is becoming increasingly popular everywhere, and many of her linguist colleagues are already familiar with it, as an amazing tool for the translator with numerous benefits for back, neck, shoulder, muscles and joints. It also promotes focus and concentration, clarity, balance and well-being.

No booking is necessary. If you have booked for the dinner and are not staying at the conference hotel, make sure you have enough time to get ready.