Linguistic games... en français! organised by the ITI French network

Saturday 20 May, 08.30 to 09.45

Love linguistic games? Work with English and French? Then come and join us on Saturday morning at the conference for our “Chinese whispers” session. Groups will be given a short paragraph or sentence to translate, which will then be passed on to another group and back-translated, et ainsi de suite! What will be the end result and how far will it stray from the original text?

Time permitting, we will also play “Exquisite corpse”, a game invented by André Breton. Each player contributes a word or group of words to build a sentence, without knowing what was written before or what will come after. The results usually reflect the strange and whimsical qualities for which the Surrealist writers were famed. This will be the perfect opportunity to get your brain in gear ready for the last day of the conference. And it will be fun, we promise!

The deadline for signing up has now passed but you can simply turn up on the day if you’d like to join us. The more the merrier.