Janine Roberts

Session speaker

Janine is based in England and graduated from Lanchester Polytechnic in Coventry in 1975, having studied French and German. She worked for automotive component supplier Hepworth & Grandage from 1976 to 1986 in various roles. During this period she studied Swedish, obtaining the Institute of Linguists Final Diploma in Swedish in 1982.

Janine has been a freelance translator since 1986. Although initially specialising in translation from French and German to English, she now mainly translates technical material from Swedish to English.

Janine has been a terminology validator for Scania since 2005.

My Sessions

Terminology work at Scania – Working our terminology core: for strong(er) translation support


Scania’s terminology work is key to harmonising part designations and ensuring consistent terminology use. Scania requires literature in over 20 languages; English is especially significant because it is used as a ‘relay’ language. Terminologists are closely involved in creating engineering terms for new parts and systems and are consulted when terms are revised or amended. […]