Kim Sanderson

Session speaker

Kim Sanderson MITI has an MSc in Translating and Conference Interpreting from Heriot-Watt University, and has translated from French and German professionally since 1999. Kim has worked in-house in both the commercial and government sectors. Since going freelance in 2005, she has specialised in advertising, the environment, renewable energy and international development, and more recently architecture and planning. Between 2004 and 2009 Kim undertook teaching and assessment work on translation masters programmes at various UK universities. She has worked on several book-length translations, including ‘A History of Advertising’ for Publicis Blueprint, and a book about early urban planning.

My Sessions

More than meets the eye: translation in the advertising world


Working on adverts and marketing presents the translation world with a range of challenges, some extreme; aspects of this are beyond the scope of what we normally understand as ‘translation’. Yet for those willing and able to think and work flexibly, this can be interesting and rewarding work. Companies and advertisers need linguists to spread […]