Marga Burke-Lowe

Session speaker

Marga Burke-Lowe MITI is a translator and editor specialising in medicine, pharmaceuticals, academic writing and the third sector. An experienced reviser of translations from French and Italian into English, she also edits texts that have been written by non-native speakers. She is currently expanding the editing side of her business in partnership with her wife Suzanne, an English-language editor and proofreader.

Marga is a qualified member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and a member of Mediterranean Editors and Translators. She has taught postgraduate students at the Universities of Durham, Newcastle and Leeds.

My Sessions

Revision and editing: tips and tricks for improving our skills


Many translators are highly qualified professionals, but how much training have we had when it comes to revision and editing? It is often assumed that we will ‘just know’ how to correct or improve someone else’s translation, or what to do with a text that has been written by a non-native speaker. However, these services […]