Keynote Speaker

Having reached burnout in his career within marketing and driven by a loathing for his counter-productive daily commute and 14+ hour days, Alex decided to renegotiate his psychological contract with work. This led him to start The Hoxby Collective with Lizzie Penny in 2015 and with it, create a ‘workstyle’ movement that has become a 600-strong community of talent distributed across 30 countries.

With a vision to use remote working to bring equality to the world of work, The Hoxby Collective won the #WorkThatWorks Award in recognition of their success in creating new work opportunities. In 2018, they were shortlisted for awards by the IoD, Social Enterprise UK and the RSA, while Alex has also been listed by DIMA as one of the top 50 male advocates for equality in Marketing & Media and received the Equality Advocate of the Year award from Women In Marketing.

A father of two young children, Alex has a flexible workstyle that puts the needs of his family first whilst still allowing plenty of time to support the needs of the Hoxby community.

Alex Hirst and Lizzie Penny will be jointly presenting.