Crunching the numbers: how to grow your translation business

What’s the difference between gross profit and net profit? What’s a cost of sale? How do you calculate your earning potential? What’s the best way to price up a project? What should you charge? And how can you increase your earnings?

Understanding the principles of pricing is an absolute must for every freelancer. The aim of this hands-on session is to answer these questions and help you to become a pro at pricing, so that you can work smarter, not harder. The session will cover the basics of profit and loss accounting, earning potential, pricing strategy and growth options beyond the one-man band.

Calculators at the ready!

Anja Jones is the Managing Director of Anja Jones Translation (AJT), a UK-based boutique translation agency specialising in marketing translation powered by professional human translators. Anja started out as a freelance translator in 2010 and has since built a company that employs full-time in-house translators as well as over 120 freelancers.

Her focus is on encouraging young language talent into the translation industry in a safe and fair way, and on sustainably growing an ethical translation business that pays fair rates to its translators while delivering exceptional quality and added value to its customers.