Working as a translator in uncertain times

Translators have become used to adapting to unceasing change in our work methods and our clients’ expectationsWe may have been less prepared for the economic, social and political vicissitudes of recent years. In this talk, Cate will consider ways in which translators are preparing for the unknown, by presenting a number of case studies. The experiences reported by UK-based translators working into English, those translating out of English, public bodies in the EU, and colleagues within and beyond Europe will be discussed. 

The talk aims to help translators consider how to match their strengths and weaknesses to the new opportunities and threats arising from this changing landscape. It will be structured to encourage feedback from delegates on their own experiences and preparations. 

Cate Avery has been a member of ITI since 1989, first as an Associate, then Member and latterly a Fellow.  

She studied German and French at Oxford before going to Canada to do a Master’s degree. Since 1986 she has worked in the UK as a translator in a variety of environments: as a staff translator in industry; in a major translation company; running a niche translation company; managing freelance translators on large-scale projects; and now as a freelance herself. For many years she was a tutor on ITI’s online PSG course. She has also given numerous presentations at translator events.  

She specialises in patent translation. This is an area which has undergone waves of change over the last decades, so that patent translators have repeatedly had to reinvent themselves.