Talking All Over the World: A Look at the Perception of Translators and Interpreters Across Cultures

Translating and interpreting are fields that are, by very definition, broad. Differing language pairs, specializations, language variants and a multitude of other factors result in vast differences in the way translators and interpreters are viewed in different cultures and also on a global level. This talk will examine how translators and interpreters feel about how they are perceived both in their local cultures and globally using both empirical data and case studies. We will also look at how translation buyers and other key figures from outside the profession view us. Finally, we will look into concrete ways that translators and interpreters can work to bolster their image, both collectively and on an individual level, thereby elevating their own personal satisfaction and their earnings.

Jeanette Brickner is a German to English translator and monolingual English editor with over a decade of experience in translation. Now specialized in automotive and marketing translations, she also worked as a research assistant in the Language Resource Center at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, where she provided consulting services to faculty and developed solutions to meet the needs of more than a dozen language-related departments.

She has training in editing from the University of Chicago. Having lived in six different countries, she has extensive experience about the challenges and opportunities facing translators and interpreters across borders and cultures.