The elephant in the room: machine translation and post-editing

Surrey Translation Bureau is seeing increasingly more projects coming through that include the use of machine translation. All the big translation agencies are already in the game and although we’ve done our best so far to keep out of it, we’re not sure that sitting it out will be an option for much longer. So, what is being asked of translators and what are they expected to do? How does it affect pricing? What about deadlines? And quality? How is acceptable quality determined? So many questions! As a small agency with a linguist-driven mindset, we share your concerns. Ashley and Jessica intend to do their best to explain what they’ve seen in terms of PEMT (post-editing of machine translation) job requests and to talk you through what agencies expect from you.

Jessica is a Senior Project Manager at Surrey Translation Bureau and holds an MA in Translation Studies from the University of Hull and a BA in French with Business, including Italian and Spanish modules, from the University of Northumbria. The latter included a year abroad in France, during which she spent seven months as a teaching assistant in Brittany, followed by three months working as an au pair in Lyon. Jessica joined the team at Surrey Translation Bureau in November 2016.

Jessica will be presenting with Ashley Mikkola.