ITI – Where do we go from here?

Our sector is about to undergo a period of change unprecedented since the advent of the industrial revolution. Exactly how things will develop is not entirely clear, but it is the duty of professional entities to attempt to track this and prepare members to ride the waves.

It is undeniable that an understanding of these issues and how they might develop over the coming years will empower translators, interpreters and translation teachers to prepare for the forthcoming disruption, to adapt appropriately to the challenges and to resist the more pernicious potential impacts of changing professional practices. Translators and interpreters are going to need to keep abreast of changes and will have to adapt working processes and pricing models to thrive in a changing world.

In this talk I will look back at the perspectives gained during my 6 years on the ITI Board, highlighting the key issues most likely to impact upon the professional practice of ITI members in the coming decades. I will look critically at issues such as: the potential impact of artificial intelligence, globalisation, the visibility and value of language service providers, the limitations and benefits of regulation and right to title, and the question of copyright.

I will then showcase the work of the Board over the past 6 years to demonstrate exactly why ITI is the leading community of practice for translators and interpreters, before turning the focus onto the members and what they can do in practical terms to further the cause of our profession.

Sarah Bawa Mason is the outgoing Chair of ITI (2016-2019), senior lecturer in translation studies at the University of Portsmouth and a freelance Spanish to English translator and editor. She trained in the InterPress Service in Montevideo in the 1990s before running a successful freelance business in the UK with clients including Elsevier, UNICEF and the Oxford University Press.