Stress management for interpreters

Stress affects interpreting students' exam results, as well as professional interpreters' performance. More seriously, a failure to manage stress in the long term can lead to serious health effects, or even burn-out.. My talk includes a bit of science about the origins and effects of stress, and a lot of practical tips: how to use relaxation exercises to keep stress under control, how keeping a journal can change your mindset so you cope better with stressful situations, and how to tweak your diet and lifestyle to help you keep cool under pressure.

Sophie Llewellyn Smith is an EU-accredited conference interpreter, member of AIIC, coach, and blogger. She teaches aspiring interpreters at several universities and delivers seminars on a variety of topics, including Growth Mindset, stress management, note-taking for interpreters, and 'The EU for interpreters'. She is also the founder of and

As a qualified personal trainer with a Master's in nutrition, Sophie enjoys bringing her knowledge of fitness and wellbeing into her work as an interpreter trainer.